Ferdinand Grätz is as a composer, producer & sound designer based in Paris. He studied composition under Michael Beil and Christophe Havel as well as music production under Jono Podmore.

Although grounded in the Berlin and UK electronic music scenes since the early days, his influences extend much further. Eclectic and varied, the range of his scope encompasses pop music and hip-hop, as well as classical and contemporary music. 

In his compositions Grätz strives for a sphere of hypnotic, dynamic and 
minimalistic grooves. A key element is evolution and variety in repetition, with a focus on unique timbres, structural form and development of broad-based sound materials.   

As a techno producer and DJ he’s active under the pseudonym Ferdinger. In this context he also runs his own label, Life In Patterns, which he launched in 2017 with his album 'Gelände'. It has seen its fourth vinyl release in early 2021.